Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

  1. Employees working in the central government, local government, executive agencies, parastatals, independent departments or other public institutions.;
  2. Employees working in the private sector or self employed entrepreneurs  who are members of pension funds on voluntary/statutory schemes;
  3. Members of Pension Funds (PSSSF,NSSF and NHIF);
  4. Tanzanians working in International Organisations to which Tanzania is affiliated;
  5. Diaspora originating from Tanzania who are members of local pension funds (statutory or voluntarily) ; and
  6. Retired public servants and members and pension funds.

Yes, houses to be sold will be of different prices. WHC staff and our partner banks will advise you on the most suitable house to choose.
Yes there are many advantages to buy a house from WHC. One, is that these houses will be of high quality as they have been sponsored by your pension fund and your government. Two, you will start living in the house immediately where as if you build your own it will take some time for you start living in it. Third, your will get a title deed for your house without hassle and fourth with WHC houses, there is a guarantee of a good neighbourhood.
There is NO requirement to pay any deposit. However, house applicants are encouraged to ensure they save some money that can help them to deposit when they want to buy homes. This will relieve the applicant by paying relatively smaller monthly instalments when servicing the loan.
WHC builds detached or separate houses, semi-detached as well as flats. Flats are designed using modern principle and spacious enough to suit all life styles.
Your house loan will be guaranteed by your pension and insurance .
To get proper advice, contact WHC or its partner banks so that you can be properly advised about your earnings and the amount of loan that you can comfortably take to finance your house.
No, foreigners are not allowed to buy WHC houses.
You can call at WHC offices using contacts at (+255 22 2922211) or write an email at or wrote a letter P.O.Box 5119 DSM. You can also visit NHC offices which are available at each region within Tanzania Mainland or directly call to the Senior Marketing Officer (0716 290 355) or Chief Operating Officer (COO) or CEO +255 754 304 833.
The loan can be serviced between one year to 25 years depending on the ability of the applicant. WHC will facilitate customers who want to get rid of the loan earlier if they have ability to do so.
Your house loan will be guaranteed by your employer and your pension that you have contributed to the pension fund. If, in the unlikely event of death before full service of your house loan, your pension will be used to foot the remaining balance.
Yes, once you have chosen the house and the project has been launched, you can start paying for a house. The house will be handled to you once construction works have been completed.
It takes less than three (3) days for WHC to respond.
Yes private sector employees and all members of pension funds (PSSSF, NSSF and NHIF) are eligible to buy WHC houses .