WHC House Rent

House rent services at affordable prices:

WHC rents different types of houses that address customers’ needs. Depending on the preference of the customer, housing units rent range from 2 bedrooms to 3 bedrooms, at Houses located in Gezaulole-Kigamboni and Bunju in Dar es Salaam, Mkundi in Morogoro and Kisesa in Mwanza. WHC houses and homes are meant to suit Tanzanian culture as well as the youth lifestyle. WHC made a prior research on the house design preference and hence existing designs reflect feedbacks received from most prospective customers.

The rent prices are more affordable in comparison with other real estate institutions for the houses of the same design, comparable size and location.

Below are the rent charges for the above mentioned project locations:

1. Bunju B Housing Estate – Monthly Rent Prices

2. Mwanza Residence – Monthly Rent Prices

3. Gezaulole-Kigamboni Apartment – Monthly Rent Prices

4. Mkundi Housing Estate Morogoro – Monthly Rent Prices